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Jaguar Brush

Synthetic Natural Bristle Mixture

Uses: Non-drip design for huge paint holding power
Length: 60mm
Width: 150mm


The Jaguar Brush is an Italian designed and made high quality block brush. Its huge size (150mm x 60mm) provides the ultimate in large and accurate painting coverage while the synthetic and bristle blend gives an excellent smooth finish with both acrylic & oil based paints.

The brush features a no-mark rubber edge, synthetic handle and a metal pot hanger. Italian manufacture ensures the best bristle selection, minimal bristle loss and the highest quality manufacturing.

The brush is primarily used by painters who want to make cutting quicker by utilising its massive paint holding power and by painters who want extreme coverage and maximum length brush stroke. It is also used in the following suitable areas: Render or Rough walls, Decking, Specialty Finishes, Artistic Work, & for Painters that like to have extreme paint holding power!

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Synthetic Natural Bristle Mixture


Non-drip design for huge paint holding power





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