Euro Rollers


A proven system of paint rollers made in Europe

Using a proven system of rollers developed and used in Europe, all of the Euro Series covers, fibres and frames have been specially selected for Australian painters. Pressure Frame Rollers are extremely durable, easy to use and eliminate many problems associated with the cage frame system such as roller slippage, roller friction, dificult roller removal and rusting, to name a few.

All our high quality Italian made components resist wear and completely minimise cover-to-frame friction to provide an exceptional rolling experience. High quality chromed steel frames resist rusting and internal plastic components do not fail.

The pressure spindle system grips the roller cover and internally eliminates roller slippage. Paint will not enter the cover and drip down the handle but roller engagement and release is much easier, making cleaning a dream.

Euro Rollers will outlast most other roller,s synthetic or lambswool, by a factor of 2-3 times but are very competitively priced to compete against the best currently available. Frames are designed to be simple but strong, meaning they have a long life and are easy to clean.


  • Minimal friction = exceptional rolling
  • Greater volume paint pickup
  • Greater roller circumference = more paint delivered
  • Cleans twice as easy as synthetic rollers with less water or solvent
  • Ultra durable fabrics and fibres provide ultra durability
  • Heavy duty frames and roller systems
  • Thermo bonded construction = resistant to solvents

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